PostHow to draw a rug hooking pattern-Circles!

Today I talk about transferring a paper pattern to the rug hooking backing. Be sure to use a Sharpie Industrial Marker (those are suitable for fabric).

The trickiest part of drawing your own patterns is to get the design on the backing AND get it on straight or in line with the grain of the fabric. Red dot is my favorite way to transfer the pattern. It is easy to see through, solid enough to hold enough ink to get detail and does not leave a residue.

Where to buy supplies

You can see the full uncut video on YouTube here.

00:00 Introduction and explanation of the project
02:04 How to transfer from paper
02:41 Drawing lines with a pencil for the outer edge
05:35 Putting the pattern back in place and tracing the rest of the pattern
09:37 Straight edges
12:53 Use fabric markers only, such as Sharpie Industrial
14:26 Put your cell phone number on the backing